“The Wonderful Consultant”

As my family group has been wrestling through the book of Joshua (our church’s current sermon series), we discussed how God is our counselor – from where the Israelites do not ask or seek counsel from the Lord (ESV – Joshua 9: The Gibeonite Deception).

By definition, a counselor is someone who is trained to give guidance on personal, social, or psychological problems.

By definition, a consultant is someone who provides expert advice professionally.

After pondering over the truth that God is our counselor, I realized something quite simple – yet quite profound. I’ve unintentionally been treating God more as my “Wonderful Consultant” rather than my “Wonderful Counselor.” I ask for God’s wisdom and discernment for specific areas of my life, while I choose to take the reins for other areas of my life. I mean, if God was an ER Doctor – His patients would never die. If God was a businessman, His mergers and acquisitions would be flawless. Why wouldn’t we seek God’s consulting in the areas where we want?

But… What about the areas where we don’t want God’s help? Maybe we feel like we need to take control because God isn’t answering our prayers. Maybe it’s because we subconsciously think that we know what’s best for us. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t change the fact that God gave up everything so that He could simply be with us – and us with Him. He wants to participate in all areas of our lives – even the areas that we consider filthy or even worthless. Why? Simply because He loves us so much.

Someone from my family group shared this: The job of a counselor involves a great deal of listening. God is always listening to the cries of our heart – whether we realize it or not. Even when we aren’t actively receiving guidance from our Counselor, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t being counseled.

After sharing with my mentor about these epiphanies, I found that I didn’t know how to pray for the areas of my life where I’ve never asked for God’s help. These prayers were the result of this mentorship session:

Where to even start?
Come to a place were you can say, “God, if it (whatever outcome you’re seeking) doesn’t happen or if it doesn’t happen in the way that I want, it won’t negatively impact how I feel about you or see you.”

Come to a place of surrender.
“God, help me to love You and to trust You to the point that no matter what happens – I trust You, I love You, and I believe that you are for my good.”

Seek Him.
“God, show me Your will.
Show me Your glory (jk but not jk).
Show me Your heart for me and my future.

Teach me to wait on you so that instead of me dragging You along…
You’ll be the one prompting me to move.”

It’s hard to pray things that we don’t believe. Even if you feel like you can’t come to a place of surrender or even a place of desiring to seek Him, pray in faith regardless of emotions! Pray in faith even if you feel like your heart will never be at the place where it “should be.” PLUS, the Spirit intercedes on our behalf – how awesome is that?!

Romans 8:26 ESV
Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.

Happy praying~ 🙂



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